The Sales Network

The place to get you hired and over-performing OTE in SaaS tech sales.


What is The Sales Network?

The Sales Network brings together multiple pro's from the tech industry, each of them with experience and expertise in different areas.

We will help you to understand better what the best job opportunities are and how to get hired, engage more effectively with your customers, manage complex sales cycles and ultimately become the type of sales rep that makes it to the President's Club repeatedly.

We want you to achieve financial success through selling in the best technology companies in the market.

 "The Sales Network" is a new sales coaching platform that wants to bring you all the resources that you need in one place:

  • On-Demand training modules
  • 30+ hours of live group sessions on Career Strategy and Tonality/Mindset per year
  • 1-1 Industry-specific coaching with every new member
  • Private platform to engage with other reps and the coaches

Who is this for?

SDRs and Sales Representatives looking to get hired.

SDRs and Sales Representatives that want to reach and outperform their OTE.

SDRs and Sales Representatives that want improve their skill stack and get promoted.

Why did we create The Sales Network?

Selling software is one of the best paid career paths you can take in 2024.

Software sales reps consistently rank in the top 10% of earners, often making more in a year than doctors, lawyers or even investment bankers.

Sound too good to be true?

It isn’t. 

But there is always more to the story.

The industry just went trough brutal 18 months, with at least 260k layoffs in 2023 alone. January'24 was not much better, with 32k positions lost (the highest monthly number since March'23).

Many companies are completely rethinking their GTM approach, focusing on sales productivity and coverage for consumption-driven business models. In practice that means that hiring for sales roles has been limited and is not likely to have the same type of explosive growth we saw in the past.

Not only that, but with profitability becoming a key metric on the mind of most CFOs, there are a lot more discussions internally on whether companies are overpaying for their sales teams.

From our point of view, there is an extraordinary opportunity ahead of us in the industry. We also think that it will be difficult for most to actually benefit from it.

The best way to increase your odds of success are:

  1. Identify the best job opportunities and get hired in the right companies.
  2. Improve your soft skills and mindset, with a strong focus on what you say and how you sound.
  3. Adopt sales strategies and process that is proven to drive sales cycles to closure.
  4. Understand the industry deeper and extend your network of like-minded peers beyond the places you've worked before.
  5. Get a deeper understanding of how to plan and progress your sales career over the next growth years, helping you achieve your personal financial goals.

Who is behind The Sales Network?

"The Getting Hired" profile - Sam Marelich is a seasoned recruitment professional who leads his own company that focuses on hiring for tech startups. He’s hired more than 120 salespeople into 40+ startups since 2016.

"Tonality and Growth" profile - Michael Hewitt is a vocal and personal coach who has performed at the top level in multiple disciplines - professional operas, enterprise software sales and bodybuilding. He has mastered the process of skill development and will help you sound like a leader when selling. 

"Enterprise Sales and SaaS Industry" profile - "The Deal Director" is a pseudonymous tech sales professional who coaches some of the best talent in the industry to win big ticket cloud deals. He will help you understand and take advantage of the complexity in the industry.

What is included?

The Sales Network has multiple membership options including perpetual, annual or monthly subscriptions. We want to offer as much as possible value when you join, and keep building on top of that as The Sales Network evolves. 

Today, this will give you access to:

  1. Tonality and mindset call once per month.

  2. Community call twice per month.

  3. "SELL/CODE Salary Benchmark" - the definitive guide to sales compensation including accurate pay ranges for 7 countries.

  4. "The Sales Edge Process" course - detailed overview of the complex sales process in SaaS that will introduce you to key ideas that can help you close large deals.

  5. "Career Strategy" course - full breakdown of how to get hired in SaaS sales by a professional recruiter.

  6. "Intro to cybersecurity" - deep dive into how to get into the industry including 3 hour of interviews with cybersecurity sales professionals.

  7. "The Sales Network Community" - an interactive group that includes a daily chat, dedicated ongoing knowledge hubs and regular calls with guest speakers.


 "What can The Sales Network do for you" 30 minute 1-1 session with The Deal Director 

What is on your roadmap in 2024?


"Intro to cybersecurity for tech sales" by The Deal Director - LAUNCHED!


"Prompt me an offer: How to think about GenAI sales" by The Deal Director

"Pricing and negotiation" advanced module by The Deal Director

The roadmap will continue to evolve as we bring in additional content creators and engage actively with the community to determine their top priorities. 

What if this doesn't work for me?

We offer a 30-day refund policy if you haven't taken any action to participate and get value out of this.

That means that if you haven't taken any of the coaching (1-1 or group) and have done less than 10% of the on-demand training, we will give you a full refund within 30 days of signing up.